If you’re a beginner in programming or you’re an experienced software engineer, there’s no shortage of excellent books on programming and Web development. These books will cover the most recent technologies and basics to aid you in becoming more proficient in programming.

The Self-Taught Programmer: How I Learned to Program by Cory Althoff

This book provides a captivating and honest look at the author’s self-taught journey as a developer, sharing tips and tricks that have helped him to succeed in his professional career. It’s a must read for anyone looking to pursue an engineering career in software.

A comprehensive guide to front-end Web development This book will teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript with simple-to-follow examples that are accessible to beginners with no prior programming experience. The book’s full-color pages contain illustrations and diagrams to help explain complicated concepts.

Web developers rely on these programming languages to develop websites and web applications. They who work in the back-end of a website are responsible for the site’s functionality, whereas those working on the front-end are focused on the design and layout. This book is a must-read source for any web developer.

The New PHP and MySQL Modern Server-Side Web Development

This well-known book explains the fundamental challenges of server-side development using PHP and MySQL. This book is essential for web developers who are new and experienced programmers who want to elevate their skills to next level.

The Clean Coder is a must-read for anyone looking to write more efficiently and efficiently. The author recommends long periods of focus and concentration to achieve superior results.


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