A board meeting for nonprofits must be an entertaining and informative event. This can be accomplished by keeping the focus on the organization’s objectives and mission by ensuring clear board-room.info/how-to-recruit-board-members-remotely communication. Many meetings are dominated by organizational updates which waste time or spirited discussions of particular topics from one or two people in the room (we all know who that person is). A little bit of extra attention can keep the meeting lively and help board members stay involved with the mission of your organization. Video clips of customer reviews can be a good way to reconnect the board members with your mission.

Check that the agenda for board meetings is prepared in advance. If necessary the services of a facilitator for meetings can be hired to assist in this or a committee of board members is responsible for preparing the agenda and making sure that important documents are prepared and distributed prior to the board meeting. Nothing derails a successful board meeting faster than board members scrambling to read important materials at the same time as they are being discussed, or even worse, don’t have those documents available at all.

Boards should not be spending more than 25 percent of their time at meetings on updates and “have to’s”. A lot of time is wasted by board members who are lost in the details of committee chair reports, officer reports, and other routine items. Many of these tasks could be reduced to 5-10 mins, and easily included in a meeting packet or regular email updates to the board.

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