Manufacturers are under pressure to increase productivity, profitability and innovation. Assuring that data assets are available and secure is an essential initiative. In this discussion, you will hear from Michael Watson from Microsoft and Martin Boyd of Profisee for specific steps you can take to establish an established and reliable data foundation in place to ensure experience the benefits of data room usage in m&a deals efficiency, agility and success.

Manufacturing must be able to harness and integrate the power of data to become a digitally efficient and profitable business. But how can this be done in the event that your data source is inconsistent, inadequate or insufficient? A successful manufacturing data management strategy requires a commitment to strong governance in order to ensure that crucial data is gathered and stored in a timely manner, and can be easily accessed and utilized at any time you require it.

Top performers in the manufacturing industry are increasingly adopting a complete data management strategy that includes the implementation of an MDM hub in order to consolidate all crucial information including vendor, customer and product information, into one repository. This allows teams to easily access the information they require, and helps teams to collaborate.

This also lets manufacturers create a digital track of what happens to components during production This is crucial for troubleshooting production issues and optimizing tests and processes. It lets you pinpoint what went wrong during an individual process and why. This helps you react faster in a crisis and make you more resilient.

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