Coordination means linking the functions of groups and individuals. It binds the activities of employees to ensure the smooth functioning of the organisation. The middle level managers must work towards executing the plans framed by the top level management. Ans.“A successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently”. Thus, management has to see that tasks are completed and goals are achieved with the minimum resources. Management is considered to be both an art and science. Ashita is effective, but not efficient because Ashita completed the task on time but at a higher cost.

There is no restriction to becoming a manager. Anyone can manage the business regardless of his or her qualifications. All services are based on a well-defined form of education that can be procured through education. Art assumes the presence of specific academic knowledge. Specialists in their particular fields have obtained specific elementary postulates which are appropriate to a specific sort of art.

why is management considered as an art

Management has a well-defined literature which is required for gathering knowledge in the theories and accelerate learning. There are many examples of management literature which is available such as Taylors Scientific Management Theory and Henry Fayol’s 14 principles of Management. These theories help in understanding the various concepts of management. Management is the function of an organisation which is primarily responsible for achieving its desired goals in a given period of time in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Hence, it is said that management is an art, so it needs the application of specific principles. It is an art of the highest order as it deals with shaping the attitude and behaviour of people at the workplace towards set goals.

Managerial functions are contained within eachother. For example, when a manager prepares plans, he is also laying down standards for control. —Delivering the right content via the right medium at the right time, using an appropriate mix of activities such as PR, website, social media/blogging, events and demand gen. —Workflow and marketing automation integrated with CRM, and including social monitoring and business intelligence.

Art is practical and involves applying skills and knowledge to create something tangible. Management also involves practical application, where managers apply their skills and knowledge to achieve organizational objectives. Art requires skill and knowledge, and management also requires skill and knowledge to carry out its functions effectively. Managers must possess a certain level of knowledge and skills to manage people, resources, and processes. Statistical methods are systematic and have a general application which makes it a science.

statistics can be best considered as

Science is the systematised body of knowledge which establishes the cause and effects relationship. Management is regarded as a science, because the following characteristics of science are applicable to management as well. Service motive The motive of legal and medical profession is to serve their client’s interests by rendering dedicated and committed service.

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Therefore management is a judicious blend of science as well as an art because it proves the principles and the way these principles are applied is a matter of art. Science teaches to ‘know’ and art teaches to ‘do’. An ample amount of literature is present in multiple areas of management that act as guiding principles and significant knowledge for all managers.

Management has become as very popular field of study as is evident from the great rush for admission into institutes of management. Management offers a very rewarding and challenging career. Students of management are often told that marketing is both a science as well as an art. However, in view of ever evolving practices and methods in marketing it makes an interesting topic to investigate once more.

Some discerning brain has to ponder over it to uncover some precious information useful to the organization. Creativity is needed to breathe life into the data. I would conclude by saying that creativity is like life and science is like a body to marketing. Based on the attributes listed above and the findings of other eminent researchers in the field, there is a discernible sense that leadership embodies an intersection between art and science. While there are definite strategies in place to understand leadership traits, each person will deploy them differently. Hence, our best bet is to cultivate leaders who can use the best of both worlds and influence people for the betterment of the society.

Every artist has an element of creativity in line. That is why he aims at producing something that has never existed before which requires combination of intelligence & imagination. Interview Questions Check out the latest interview questions and answers. Management gets perfection in the art of managing only through continuous practice. Art has practice knowledge to do work which also similar in management. Not only that, future productions and sales are also forecasted which are all related to science.


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