The other option for viewing and changing this value is using. The easiest way to find and change the default fill factor value is from Management Studio, right-click the SQL Server, and choose properties. In the Server Properties, choose Database Settings, you should see the default fill factor value in the top section. The execution history of the job is displayed and you may choose the execution time .

sql dba interview questions

So, you have an interview lined up for a sweet new gig as a SQL Server database administrator . What will make you stand out from the other candidates? A Stored Procedure is a function which consists of many SQL statements to access the database system. Several SQL statements are consolidated into a stored procedure and execute them whenever and wherever required which saves time and avoid writing code again and again.

Q94. How can you fetch common records from two tables?

Notice that the inner query relates to the outer query on the employee ID, thus making it a correlated sub-query. The inner query will be evaluated once per outer query row. Be ready to discuss tradeoffs regarding different performance telemetry, such as Extended Events versus Performance Monitor Counters, and other tracing options.

Production, information conversion, technical fields, communication, etc. are a few industries making use of SQL Server Admin skills. UPDATE STATISTICS is used to update information about the distribution of the key values for one or more statistic groups/collections in the indexed view or specified table. When a table has more than one candidate key (i.e., candidate for primary keys), one becomes the primary key, and the rest are the alternate keys. DBCC CHECKDB makes sure that indexes are correctly linked in the tables of the database.

What are the different types of database compression introduced in SQL Server 2008?

It refers to the several kinds of constraints that may be applied to a database. The UNIQUE Constraint prevents identical values in a column from appearing in two records. The UNIQUE constraint guarantees that every value in a column is unique. The data stored in the database can be modified, retrieved and deleted and can be of any type like strings, numbers, images, etc. First right-click on the table and select and click on the design option.

  • In 2008 or above this has changed, we would need to install separately on all the nodes.
  • When we create it a function must specify a value type that will return a value.
  • Troubleshooting is a key skill for database administrators.
  • Often, the problem may be solved by setting a single column Primary Key.
  • Being the Porsche of Job Candidates – you can get a decent job by being a decent candidate, but to get the best jobs, you have to be the best candidate.

In the stored procedure, while you can’t use try-catch in functions. SQL Server is the RDBMS system provided by Microsoft which functions mainly as retrieving and storing the data as per user request. Sometimes it is mistakenly referred as SQL, but both are different, as SQL is a language whereas SQL Server is a Microsoft product that supports SQL. “inserted” table stores the data of last inserted row or “insert operation”. “deleted” table stores the data of last deleted row or “delete operation”.

What are the types of Triggers?

Trigger in SQL is are a special type of stored procedures that are defined to execute automatically in place or after data modifications. It allows you to execute a batch of code when an insert, update or any other query is executed against a specific table. In this approach, malicious SQL statements are entered into a database entry field, and the database becomes exposed to an attacker once they are executed. By utilising data-driven apps, this strategy is widely utilised to get access to sensitive how to become a sql server dba data and execute administrative tasks on databases. It’s a very reliable database management system, with more than two decades of community work to thank for its high levels of resiliency, integrity, and accuracy. Many online, mobile, geospatial, and analytics applications utilise PostgreSQL as their primary data storage or data warehouse. OLTP, or online transactional processing, allows huge groups of people to execute massive amounts of database transactions in real time, usually via the internet.

  • These companies require candidates to have 3-4 of experience designing and managing SQL databases.
  • Practicing these questions will prepare you for your tech interview.
  • Keep an eye out for candidates who understand your company’s needs.
  • I would recommend you read more material on log backups and log file behavior and so on to understand in depth.

Use these sample Database Administrator interview questions during your hiring process to assess candidates’ database administration skills and select the best fit for your company. What I’ve covered here is nowhere close to the full scope of what you might encounter. But based on my experiences both as a job candidate and as a hiring manager, I hope it helps in some small way. Truly, the best advice I can give is to be confident in your experience, be authentic, and be candid.

Behavioral questions

A Clustered Index can be defined only once per table in the SQL Server Database, because the data rows can be sorted in only one order. Text, nText and Image data are not allowed as a Clustered index. Structured Query Language is a programming language for accessing and manipulating Relational Database Management Systems .

Which is faster DROP or truncate?

The TRUNCATE command is faster than both the DROP and the DELETE command. Like the DROP command we also can't rollback the data after using the this command.

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